Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business in Fauquier

Fauquier County has the elements for business growth firmly in place, helping you expand your enterprise with clarity and confidence.  From workforce talent to affordable real estate, capital assistance to incentives, we supply the essentials for growth and expansion. Our stable, pro-business environment helps you scale responsibly. You want room to grow, and we’ll show you where to go.

Cost Savings Without Compromise


Just 45 minutes southwest of Washington, D.C., Fauquier County is well situated, yet comfortably removed from the hustle of metropolitan life. Proximity to Washington, D.C. provides businesses with access to an educated workforce and high median household incomes in a setting where the pace is slower–and the cost of entry is lower. In fact, Fauquier County businesses enjoy a cost savings over their D.C. metro area counterparts.

Advancing Entrepreneurship


If you have the tenacity, we have the tools to help you enter the marketplace. Courtesy of an innovation culture and compelling incentives, Fauquier County is primed for entrepreneurship, providing the resources to nourish your ideas. Our economic development team, Enterprise Centers, and Start a Business resources support the full arc of business development, providing you with the power to launch.

Scale Up Support for Existing Businesses


If you’re expanding your business, we help you lean into growth–gradually and intentionally. Scaling your operations, personnel, and products demands a strategic approach and a steady stream of resources. Our permitting, site selection, and coordination of local, state, and federal resources position companies for continued achievement.

Financial Assistance


Fauquier County businesses may be eligible for targeted financial assistance. The Fauquier County Micro Loan provides expedited financing to relieve operational costs. Additionally, the U.S. Small Business Development Center’s 504 and 7(a) loan programs broadly support expanding businesses.

Workforce Resources


Local talent is educated, seasoned, and ready to advance your aspirations. From the quality curriculum and career training offered in K-12 and higher education to the workforce enrichment at Laurel Ridge Community College, we prioritize skills development at every stage.

Relocate To Fauquier

Opportunity abounds in Fauquier County, providing enterprises with a serious edge. From location advantages to cost savings, intellect to incentives, Fauquier County is a place where companies thrive.