Living in Fauquier

Life in Fauquier

We’ve been in on the secret for over 250 years, but everyone else is catching on.

Nestled in the heart of Virginia horse and wine country, Fauquier County prioritizes a slower, happier pace of life, four seasons a year. Just 45 minutes southwest of Washington, D.C. and a quick drive from Northern Virginia, our 20 villages and three incorporated towns possess a remarkable sense of place. A cradle of Civil War history and rural beauty, we take pride in our heritage, balancing character with community growth.

Our Communities

From brick-lined Main Streets with over-the-top charm to rolling hills dotted with vineyards, Fauquier’s lifestyle suits every pace. Boasting wineries, breweries, shopping, dining, and outdoor adventure in ample supply, Fauquier’s tourism scene is flourishing.

Our breadth of opportunity and affordability drive population growth. Access to unique experiences away from the hustle has yielded a 11.9% population increase since 2010.*

Fauquier County is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors, with the County Administrator overseeing day-to-day operations in the County. To manage growth and the deployment of essential services, Fauquier County channels development into eight Service Districts. Distributed throughout the County, the districts are targeted growth areas for commercial, industrial, and residential development.

Fauquier County provides residents and businesses with room to breathe, and room to grow.

*Source: U.S. Census Data, 2020

Our People

Fauquier County residents love where they live. Local schools, businesses, and residents shape our culture of curiosity and discovery. Over 72,000 residents enjoy our strong economy, community amenities, educational offerings, and open spaces.* Our population is steadily growing, courtesy of an unbeatable lifestyle and new opportunities in a variety of industries.

About 37% of residents, aged 25 or higher, hold bachelor’s degrees at a minimum, echoing attainment levels within the Commonwealth of Virginia, which is ranked 6th among U.S. News and World Report’s 10 Most Educated States in America.* Fauquier’s median household income is $105,665—over $35,000 higher than the national average. High disposable incomes, low taxes and real estate costs keep commerce strong.

Our employment narrative is impressive, with an unemployment rate often lower than the state and federal averages. From trades training to specialized certifications, our commitment to skills development accelerates achievement and keeps our workforce competitive. In fact, approximately 85.6% of Fauquier County residents ages 25-55 participate in the labor force, paving the way in the following industries:**

● Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
● Retail
● Construction
● Health Care and Social Assistance
● Public Administration

*Source: U.S. Census Data, 2020
**Source: Data USA, 2019

Capabilities in these sectors complement our industries, with Fauquier County jobs increasing by 2% since 2020.

Finding that happy work-life balance isn’t elusive; it’s attainable in Fauquier County.



In Fauquier County, our approach to education takes our story full circle. Within our highly rated K-12 public schools, we deliver a curriculum that is comprehensive and focused on long-term achievement. From Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and the humanities to vocational training and a gifted and talented curriculum, we cultivate curiosity in every discipline. We shape the pathways of over 11,000 students in 11 elementary schools, five middle schools, three high schools, and one 6-12 alternative school. With a high school graduation rate of 91%*, Fauquier County students aim high. For families seeking private education, Fauquier County is home to eight independent schools. Explore our educational aptitude here.

Our dynamic collaboration with Laurel Ridge Community College which is located in Fauquier, keeps talent agile and skills relevant to real time demand. From trades training to specialized certificate programs, corporate training to small business development assistance, this regional partnership elevates our residents and businesses.

Residents and businesses have access to two other community colleges, five colleges and universities, and training facilities such as ECPI. Fauquier County’s convenient location keeps flexible educational offerings close at hand, including:

George Mason University

The George Washington University

University of Mary Washington

University of Virginia

*Source: U.S. Census Data, 2020

Visit Fauquier

If you’ve been here, you know. You know you’re in Fauquier County when the air changes.

Fast-paced city life melts into the distance, and your eyes open to the beauty, charm and wonder of Virginia’s Horse & Wine Country. Just 40 miles west of Washington, D.C., at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.